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With our customized solar solutions, you'll save on both your energy and capacity charges during your coincident peak seasons. We will design and configure your project to meet your specific operational needs, challenges and goals- from reducing your peak load to load shifting, to grid issues specific to your system.

From permitting and financing all the way to design and installation, all services are taken care of under one roof.  We partner with utilities, commercial businesses, cities, and nonprofits to offer turn-key solar solutions customized to meet your needs.

Solar Panels

Kansas Sun Power Program

The Kansas Sun Power Program is a series of solar projects totaling over 20MW developed by Today's Power, Inc. for multiple electric cooperatives across the state to harvest clean energy. 

Solar Panels

Nebraska Renewable Energy Initiative

The Nebraska Renewable Energy Initiative is a partnership between TPI and 4 Public Power Districts across the state of Nebraska. The project consists of 8 MW to date.

Solar Panels

Electric Cooperatives of Arkansas

TPI was created in 2014 by AECI to serve the 17 cooperatives of Arkansas by building 1 MW facilities in their service territories to serve their members. 14 of the 17 facilities are operational while the remainder are in the design phase.

Solar Panels

Commercial & Educational Institutions

TPI has collaborated with several educational institutions to provide them with solar arrays and battery storage systems with the intent of cutting energy bills down to a minimum.

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