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Commercial & Educational Institutions

Today's Power has partnered with multiple schools and businesses across the state to install solar. These projects are part of ambitious initiatives geared towards reducing operational costs of the school districts and businesses alike. These projects not only supply clean energy to the institutions, but also provide educational opportunities for students to learn about the future of renewable energy. Solar is a great way for businesses to meet corporate sustainability goals and position their company as an environmentally conscious work place.

Groundbreaking event
SAU Tech Flip the Switch


  • Bearden School District

  • Berryville School District

  • Elkins Schools District

  • Hampton School District

  • Lincoln School District

  • Ozark Mountain School District

  • SAU Tech

  • Springdale Public Schools

  • Star City School District

  • Viola School District

  • Delta Farms

  • General Dynamics

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SAU Tech
Hampton Bulldog
Springdale Public Schools
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