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Kansas Sunpower Program

The Kansas Sun Power Program is a series of solar farms developed by TPI to harvest renewable energy in the state for participating electric cooperatives. This 25-year program has attracted the best possible long-term pricing and will result in the construction of more than 20 Megawatts (MW) of solar power spread out across more than 800 miles of the sunflower state.

This method of generation makes it possible for these cooperatives to increase the production of renewable energy year round and to reduce peak demand. The reduction of peak demand will enable each cooperative to provide financial stability to its members while also reducing their carbon footprint. This is just another way electric cooperatives in Kansas are helping support local businesses, industries, and individuals with the resources they need to grow as efficient, responsible, and successful contributors to our communities.

A "Flip the Switch" event
Solar Panels
A "Flip the Switch" event


  • 4 Rivers Electric Cooperative (2MW)

  • Ark Valley Electric Cooperative (1MW) 

  • Bluestem Electric Cooperative (1.75MW)

  • Butler Electric Cooperative (2MW)

  • CMS Electric Cooperative (2MW)

  • DS&O Electric Cooperative (2MW)

  • FreeState Electric Cooperative (1.75MW)

  • Heartland Electric Cooperative (2MW)

  • Ninnecscah Rural Electric Cooperative (2MW)

  • Sedgwick County Electric Cooperative (2MW)

  • Sumner-Cowley Electric Cooperative (1.75MW)

  • Twin Valley Electric Cooperative (1MW)

Heartland Electric Cooperative
bluestem electric cooperative logo
BUTLER electric cooperative
cms electric cooperative
sedgwick electric cooperative
Sumner-Cowley electric cooperative
DSO electric cooperative
4 Rivers electric cooperative
FreeState electric cooperative
Twin Valley electric cooperative
ninnescah electric cooperative
Arkansas Valley electric cooperative
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