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Today’s Power, Inc and SunCloud Holdings LLC Jointly Announce a Multi-Phase Grid Scale Solar Energy Project in Clarksville, Arkansas

Clarksville, AR – 6/25/2024 – SunCloud Holdings LLC (SCH), a trailblazer in energy solutions, and Today’s Power Inc (TPI), a cooperative owned, community focused  leader in the development, construction, operation, and maintenance of energy projects, are excited to announce a collaborative partnership for the development of a significant multi-phase grid scale solar project in Clarksville, Arkansas.


This initiative marks a substantial advancement in energy capabilities of Clarksville Connected Utilities (CCU) in delivering locally sourced energy to a community which currently gets its electricity from third party suppliers.  New energy demands in Clarksville and the City Council’s interest in mitigating increased grid costs and concerns about grid reliability are key drivers for the community to promote economic development.


The project involves the construction of up to 20MW AC solar power system expected to generate at least 46,000 MWh of energy annually.  This production capacity is anticipated to offset over 3.6 million gallons of fuel each year. The system will have the capability to power approximately 4,200 homes annually, per models provided at EPA.GOV.  The first phase of the project has completed permitting and is currently in the design and equipment procurement stage, with commercial operation scheduled for the third quarter of 2025.


The SunCloud Team expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, “Our collaboration with Today’s Power is a cornerstone in our strategy to expand energy resources paired closely with economic development initiatives in forward-leaning communities like Clarksville, Arkansas. Under Clarksville Mayor David Rieder’s visionary leadership, supported by the Economic Development Executive, Stephen Houserman and the CCU Board, this community is taking charge of its future by mitigating risk and positioning itself with a pipeline of stable growth.”


Taylor Baker, Marketing and Public Relations Coordinator for Today’s Power, added, “TPI is pleased to have had Solar Capital Connection, LLC and SunCloud Holdings bring TPI into this transaction to support the City of Clarksville and its residents.  As an Arkansas based renewable energy company that is Cooperative Owned and Community Focused, this project aligns with TPI’s business objectives”


The City of Clarksville has welcomed the project, recognizing its potential to enhance local energy independence and contribute to economic growth. Mayor David Rieder stated “Energy is the roadway for economic growth and opportunity. We are proud to partner with Suncloud and Today’s Power to create the energy needed to drive opportunities for our community. We are extremely excited about this phase I project, as well as the subsequent projects on the horizon as this represents a generational positive change for the community.”


For further information, please contact:

• SunCloud Holdings Media Relations Email: Phone:

• Robert Fryer, Founder Solar Capital Connections LLC. Email: info@solarcapitalconnections, Phone: 704-677-5789

• Taylor Baker, Marketing and Public Relations Coordinator, Today’s Power Inc. Email: Phone: 501.590.5959


About SunCloud Holdings: SunCloud Holdings is a pioneering company in the energy industry, focused on developing and managing power projects across the United States. With a commitment to innovation, SunCloud Holdings strives to promote environmental stewardship through energy solutions.

About Solar Capital Connections: Solar Capital Connections (SCC), a US-based firm founded in 2013 specializes in driving investment and development of renewable energy assets. Utilizing its specialized services, extensive resources, and its comprehensive stakeholder network SCC effectively facilitates the execution of renewable energy projects in the US and abroad.


About Today’s Power, Inc.: Today’s Power, Inc. (TPI) is a cooperative owned, community focused provider of alternative energy solutions. With a robust portfolio of successful utility scale projects, TPI is committed to bringing value to the communities it serves by enhancing energy efficiency, and providing alternative energy solutions, including  renewable energy and battery storage.


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