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Shear Genius: TPI's Timeless Approach to Eco-Friendly Site Maintenance

At Today’s Power, Inc. (TPI), our commitment to sustainability goes beyond harnessing solar energy; it encompasses age-old, eco-friendly practices as well. We are proud to announce that we are embracing a time-honored approach to vegetation management at our solar sites: sheep grazing.

Vegetation management is essential for maintaining the efficiency and safety of solar arrays. While we continue to use conventional methods, our partnership with Oscar Mike Environmentals, LLC, is allowing us to elevate our approach. By incorporating a proven, natural technique, we are adding to our portfolio of ways to manage our solar sites.

Why Sheep?

Sheep offer numerous benefits as natural landscapers:

·         Efficiency: Sheep are highly effective at keeping vegetation under control, ensuring that it does not obstruct solar panels and reduce their efficiency. They can access areas that might be challenging for machinery, providing thorough coverage.


·         Environmental Impact: Unlike mechanical mowers, sheep do not rely on fossil fuels. Their grazing reduces the need for chemical herbicides, promoting a healthier ecosystem.


·         Soil Health: Sheep contribute to soil fertility through their manure, which acts as a natural fertilizer. Their grazing patterns also help in soil aeration.


·         Biodiversity: By fostering a habitat for sheep, we encourage a more diverse range of plant and animal life around our solar panels, enhancing the local ecosystem.


Implementing Sheep Grazing at TPI

Solar Grazing not only supports local agriculture but also ensures the well-being of the sheep and the maintenance of the solar sites. Continuous monitoring of the grazing patterns and health of the sheep is essential. Adapting strategies based on seasonal changes and vegetation growth to maintain optimal conditions for both the solar panels and the sheep is of utmost importance. The process is remarkably efficient: utilizing mob grazing techniques a flock of sheep can effectively maintain an 1MW site in less than a week.

Future Plans

While we continue to grow this initiative to more of our solar sites across the region, we recognize that not all sites are suitable for solar grazing. In cases such as these, we will continue to employ vegetation management techniques such as planting native grasses that support local habitats.

A Commitment to Sustainability

At Today’s Power, Inc., we are committed to driving innovation in every aspect of our operations. By integrating sheep grazing into our vegetation management practices, we aim to foster our dedication to environmental stewardship and our belief in the harmonious coexistence of renewable energy and nature. We invite you to follow our journey as we continue to explore and implement sustainable solutions that benefit both our planet and communities.


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