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South Central Arkansas Electric Cooperative Flips the Switch on Solar with Today’s Power, Inc. 


SCAEC Dedicates 1 MW Solar System in Arkadelphia

LITTLE ROCK & ARKADELPHIA, ARKANSAS — September 20, 2019 — In collaboration with Today’s Power, Inc. (TPI), South Central Arkansas Electric Cooperative (SCAEC) has dedicated a 1-megawatt (MW) solar array with a flip of a ceremonial switch near the Arkadelphia, Arkansas headquarters of the co-op.

This 1.4 MW DC single-axis tracking system of more than 3,800 panels, covering roughly eight acres of property, is one of the most sophisticated structures in the nation and has been intended to produce 1 MW of peak energy with demand mitigation in mind.


Brian Kirksey

“We are pleased to add solar energy to our portfolio of assets. The fact that it’s economically viable and green is fantastic for the cooperative and our members,” said Brian Kirksey, President of the Board of SCAEC.

The solar power plant now offers local generation for SCAEC members in full operation. The distribution cooperative serves over 10,000 member accounts throughout the counties of Clark, Dallas, Hempstead, Hot Spring, Howard, Montgomery, Nevada and Pike.

In addition, this partnership between SCAEC and Today’s Power, in collaboration with Quail Forever, will not only provide renewable energy to south central Arkansas, but also provide essential habitats for the region’s pollinators and wildlife. The objective of this habitat management plan will be to guarantee a permanent pollinator habitat for butterflies, bees and other beneficial insects dwindling from the landscape, as well as other wildlife such as cottontail rabbits, bobwhite quail, and songbirds of Neotropical grassland.


“This project demonstrates the dedication of South Central Arkansas Electric Cooperative not only to provide reliable, affordable energy to our members, but also to listen to their feedback,” Kirksey said. “Many members have asked in recent years for additional renewable generation sources. This utility-scale installation offers just that.”

Michael Henderson

Michael Henderson

“We are very excited to partner with SCAEC on this utility scale solar project. This project shows how progressive the Board of Directors and Management of SCAEC are in meeting the needs of its membership and ensuring they receive maximum value.” Michael Henderson, President of TPI stated. This project will result in significant savings for the members of SCAEC over its 25-year estimated life as well as provide economic stimulus for Clark County and the Arkadelphia community”, he went on to say.


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