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City of Bearden, alongside Today’s Power, Inc., Flips the Switch on 2 solar sites to drive economic

BEARDEN, AR -- Bearden officials, in collaboration with Today's Power, Inc., flipped the switch on two 200-kilowatt (kW) solar arrays for municipal use on Monday, February 20th.

"The City of Bearden places a high value on being excellent stewards of our natural resources," Mayor Ginger Bailey said. "Bearden is committing to contribute to a healthy environment while also saving the city money through this solar project. We will be able to accomplish both thanks to our partnership with Today's Power."

TPI managed the engineering, procurement, and construction of the solar sites, while Ouachita Electric Cooperative Corporation (OECC) and Entergy continue to maintain the sites' existing electricity connections. The city will only be responsible for purchasing the kilowatt-hours (kWh) generated from the systems, not for their ongoing operation and maintenance, power generated by the two arrays will be used to serve the citizens of Bearden.

Derek Dyson, President/CEO of Today's Power, Inc. said "TPI is extremely proud to partner with the City of Bearden on the two projects within the city. The City's team of professionals helped the TPI Team ensure timely installation and enabled TPI to provide competitive pricing for the benefit of the citizens and businesses of the city."


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