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Operations & Maintenance

TPI Monitoring and Operations Room

24/7 System


TPI’s investment in a state-of-the-art operations center includes multiple monitors, established communications with each site, cameras, and the ability to complete an analysis of each electrical component located on the facility. Custom designed communication boxes allow us to accept and communicate all inputs from devices on site back to our operations center in a secure manner.

A field technician troubleshooting and inverter

Site Assessment Consultancy

Site assessment consults include a full visual and thermal site inspection to determine if there are any issues with the operations of your site, as well as suggest repairs and possible efficiency improvements that can be made.

Two Field Technicians carrying a solar panel

Operations & Maintenance Deployment

Our technicians are equipped with devices that allow them to connect to the on-site communications and work in tandem with the operations center.  All common safety procedures are followed, and on-site cameras are used to observe technicians from the monitoring center in the event an incident occurs. 

Solar Panels

Vegetation Management

We strive to return each site to its native vegetative state. This is a three-to-five-year process that includes the removal of invasive species and replanting of native plant life. Once complete the site will provide benefit to pollinators and other wildlife.

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