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EV Charging

All in One EV Charging Solution

Today's Power offers the only charging network with an integrated portfolio of hardware, cloud services and support, delivering the smoothest possible experience for all businesses and drivers. When everything works together, EV charging is better for everyone. 


Optimize the entire electricity system, reduce the cost of electricity for all consumers in the long run, allow integration of larger shares of solar and other forms of renewable generation by using EVs to soak it up, and helping utilities grow. Those utilities that don’t could face a sudden need to build expensive generation and infrastructure to maintain grid reliability and keep customer costs low.

Businesses & Schools

EV drivers make very attractive customers and employees. They choose their destinations based on the availability of EV charging from their preferred network–and they tend to make it a habit to stop at those destinations, so they can charge the car while they take care of business. By saving schools more than $0.40 per mile on fuel savings alone, electrifying school buses can help school districts realize considerable financial savings. The key to these savings is necessary infrastructure, and TPI is well positioned to be your EV charging partner.


To create the most affordable, safe, and healthy neighborhoods, for current and future citizens , communities across the country have made the commitment to be an energy efficient, resilient community. At Today’s Power, Inc. we are committed to assisting you with reducing harmful climate impacts and promoting resource efficiency. 

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