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Through four divisions – Utility Sales, Construction, Right-of-Way, and High Voltage Test Lab – Arkansas Electric Cooperatives, Inc. (AECI) provides products and services to get the job done. From humble beginnings over seven decades ago, AECI has a rich history of providing services, infrastructure materials, and materials management to the public power sector. AECI serves a five-state region, including Arkansas, Oklahoma, Mississippi, Missouri, and Louisiana.


For over 50 years, ERMCO has provided power to the world and has solidified itself as the leading manufacturer of distribution transformers in North America.  ERMCO is a full line manufacturer of single and three-phase pole-mounted and pad-mounted distribution transformers and components.  The company also offers advanced solutions for renewables, voltage optimization and efficiency, all powered by Gridbridge developed technology.

ERMCO was founded in Dyersburg, Tennessee in 1972, and over the years, acquired additional production facilities in Antioch, IL, Greeneville, TN, and Raleigh, NC, in addition to expanding its Dyersburg campus.  Most recently, in December 2022, ERMCO acquired Spire Power Solutions L.P., and their facilities in Athens, GA, Celina, TN, Reynosa, Mexico, and Granby, Canada, which will allow ERMCO to expand its output in all locations to better serve the utility industry.  These acquisitions have increased ERMCO’s work force to approximately 2,800 employees.

With dedicated team members and quality products, ERMCO is steadily realizing its vision of becoming the most valued partner in the utility industry.


Today's Power, Inc. was founded in 2014 by Arkansas Electric Cooperatives Inc. (AECI) to support the 17 electric cooperatives across Arkansas, fellow cooperatives in neighboring states soon heard of our success and wanted an "established business partner" to supply their renewable needs. This led to TPI being an integral part of helping the electric cooperative and public power market as well as commercial customers of all sizes. TPI's footprint has now expanded to cover multiple states totaling over 71 solar sites to date. Not only has our footprint grown, but our service offerings now include electric vehicle charging, battery energy storage systems, and operations & maintenance.


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