Why go solar? (Residential)

You’ve been thinking a lot about solar. Why wouldn’t you be?  It saves you money every month and the environment.  Let us help you decided whether right now is the right time to go solar, and show you how simple it is to save money on your power bills while being a steward of the environment.

If you have been waiting for the perfect time to go solar, the time is here.  Solar Power is no longer the power of the future, it is Today’s Power.  Think about it this way: the longer you wait to make the switch, the longer you’re at risk for rate increases. Every time the rates go up, your bill does, too. If saving money every month isn’t enough, there are now solar tax credits designed to save you, even more, money and keep the environment healthy. Lock in low rates and put thousands of dollars back in your pocket over the life of your system!

What’s involved?  Since the idea of solar is still so new to many, it seems complicated, but the truth is, it is simple.  We have created a residential product that is easy to obtain and safe enough to install yourself with-in 2-4 hours. We also guarantee your energy production for savings you can count on, for our residential solar kits have proven it. Are you ready for a worry-free system?  See our warranties page for more information

What is solar’s impact on the environment?  Right now, the electricity you use is created by belching out greenhouse gasses that pose a serious threat to our environment. With solar – that’s obsolete.  With every kWh of solar produced 1.6 pounds of CO2 is offset.  Watch our Earth Day Video and see how much CO2 is offset with solar annually!  

Why go solar? Because solar electricity is reliable, durable, safe, and a responsible move for your wallet and for the planet. Switch to solar today with Today’s Power and start investing back in yourself with thousands of dollars back in your pocket over the life of your system. We partner with the trusted Electric Cooperatives, so you’ll get great financing options like paying little to no money upfront. Learn more at www.todayspower.com


Jennah Denney