'Locally Grown' Solar On-Line in Arkansas

Page 44 of RE Magazine - September 2017

Page 44 of RE Magazine - September 2017

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'Locally Grown' Solar On-Line in Arkansas

The dedication of Southern Arkansas's first community solar project provides Ouachita Electric Cooper­ative (OECC) members the opportunity to purchase "locally grown, locally owned" solar energy, the Camden-based co-op announced.  

The 1-MW array, made up of some 3,840 panels on a five-acre site, is in operation, and members can subscribe to the program and receive bill credits. 

Speaking at the dedication, OECC General Manager and CEO Mark Cayce noted that the Holly Springs facility gives members access to renew­able energy even if it is not feasible at their homes, providing an affordable alternative to installing a roof-mounted system and maintaining it for 25 years. 

"Community solar lines up with our cooperative values and we wanted to do the right thing for our members," Cayce added. 

The array was designed by Today's Power Inc. (NRECA Associate Mem­ber; todayspower.com), a subsidiary of Arkansas Electric Cooperatives (statewide). 

Also speaking at the dedication, Today's Power President Michael Henderson said the electricity industry is changing. 

"We must be cognizant of new kinds of approaches." 
-Michael Henderson

Contact: Ouachita Electric Coop­erative, Mark Cayce, 877-252- 4538; Today's Power, Jennah Denney, 501-400-5548; The Electric Cooperatives of Arkansas, Rob Roedel, 501-570-2296.

Jennah Denney