The Cooperative Way: Solar at First Electric Cooperative

UPDATED: 3/8/2017

Today's Power to Install 1 MW Solar Array in Benton, AR

As of 2015, Arkansas is currently ranked 40th in the country for solar installed according to the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA).  There is currently 20.1 MW of solar energy installed in the natural state.  That is enough energy to power 2,070 homes.  Arkansas is followed by states such as Idaho, West Virginia and Kansas.  

In the last two years, Today's Power has installed four utility-scale solar arrays right here in Arkansas.  We are currently working on our most recent project for First Electric Cooperative (FECC) headquartered out of Jacksonville, Arkansas. FECC partnered with Today's Power to install a 1 MW solar array near their office in Benton, Arkansas.  

We are excited to partner with FECC on this project, so let's take a look at the progress so far!  


On Tuesday, January 10th,  the Today's Power team completed laying all the pipes at the Benton site.  Stubbed up, each of the 42 pipes will go to each individual AC disconnect on the array.  What does that mean?    The AC Disconnect on the array supplies the power to the micro-inverters for the inversion from DC to AC.  The micro-inverters on the array differ from traditional solar inverters.  For example, where conventional solar arrays with traditional inverters would fail because of shade, snow, or damage, the micro-inverter bus used in Today's Power solar arrays, and residential solar kits, make failure a thing of the past.  Using micro-inversion we are able to offer reliable, safe and durable solar solutions. 


As of 3/9/17

As of 3/9/17



The redundant inverter bus combines multiple low-voltage inverter modules in an inversion package that converts from DC to AC at the highest possible efficiency.  The workload of the inverters is distributed among inverter modules lowering the duty cycle by HALF.  With a seamless integration, sealed components, and absolutely no moving parts, these hard-working inverters assure no single point of failure.  


On February 22nd, 2017, we took the drone out for a little fun!  The Today's Power team has completed over 50% of this project, and in this video you get a Birdseye view of the REFLECT system that we are constructing for First Electric Cooperative in Benton, AR.  All 4,080 panels of this 1 Megawatt array will be set by the second week of March in preparation to set the inverters and complete the DC & AC wiring with the goals of energizing at the beginning of April 2017. 



Connected in a matrix grid (serial and parallel connections) our patented design allows current to flow through multiple pathways within a module, eliminating any single failure point.




FIRST ELECTRIC OFFERS residential solar kits


About First Electric Cooperative

First Electric Cooperative (FECC) was the first electric cooperative in Arkansas under the Rural Electrification act.  Electric Cooperatives are committed to providing energy to rural areas across the U.S., and today, First Electric serves more than 91,000 active accounts throughout 17 counties in central and southeast Arkansas.