SOURCE: Arkansas Business

SOURCE: Arkansas Business

Today's Power Looks Ahead

Today's Power, Inc. is lining up tomorrow's business, though it's not quite ready to name names.

This Little Rock subsidiary of Arkansas Electric Cooperatives, Inc. is branching out from the utility-scale solar installation work it has been doing exclusively for the state's electric power cooperatives.  After completing eight co-op solar arrays, including a 1-megawatt facility for First  Electric Cooperative Corp. in Benton that was dedicated last week, the 2-year-old company is marketing "ground-mount solar kits for home and business on its website.  

Even as it completes a 1-megawatt facility for Ouachita Electric Cooperative near Bearden, Today's Power is on the cusp of starting more project with private companies.  It also hopes to extend its footprint beyond Arkansas, Tennessee, and Oklahoma.  

"We're looking to expand, and I'm not at liberty to get into details, but many of the organizations looking to us for solar right now are here in Arkansas," said Chris Burnley, TPI's director of business development and marketing.  Other prospects include electric coops in other states following Arkansas' lead.

Burnley, who was an area sales manager for GE Appliances before joining Today's Power about a year ago, has a vision of building solar arrays for out-of-state electric cooperatives and private businesses eager to harness the power of the sun as solar units become more affordable.

"I'm flying out to South Dakota soon to meet with CEOs of the electric cooperatives out there," Burnley said.  "It's not really a sales pitch, but more of an educational trip to let them know what we've been able to achieve here."


Story by Kyle Massey