First Electric Cooperative Partners With Today's Power

First Electric Cooperative, headquartered out of Jacksonville, AR partnered with Today's Power to offer their members a bright alternative for safe and clean energy.  In January of 2017, First Electric started offering Today's Power solar kits to their members.  These kits were designed by Today's Power especially for members.  Understanding the revolution in the energy industry, we understood that cooperatives would need to be able to have a product offering that competes with third party solar vendors.  

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First Electric Cooperative has a Today's Power Solar Kit installed at each of their five offices to demonstrate to their members how solar works and what the benefits are to installing a kit on their property. 

With a purchase of a demonstration kit, Today's Power will enroll you in our ASAP program.  ASAP stands for Assisted Solar Assembly Program.  This program educates member service rep's and any other cooperative employee that comes in contact with members on the use and benefits of solar energy as well how to assemble of one our member solar kits.  All of our kits were designed to be ready-to-assemble and safe enough for members to install themselves.  

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Are you a First Electric Member?  Learn more about how to get your own solar kit

  • 4kW Kit - $12,420 (before sales tax and tax credit)
  • 8kW Kit - $24,820 (before sales tax and tax credit)
  • Low-voltage kit comes installation ready with all parts and easy-to-follow instructions for safety assurance.
  • Lowers electric bill.
  • Over the past 10 years, the price of solar has dropped 70 percent creating nationwide savings for members looking to power their home by the sun.
  • A 30 percent federal tax credit for qualified systems placed in service by 12/31/2019 may apply. Check with your tax advisor.

Call 1-800-489-7405 to speak to your local marketing representative about solar.

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As well as offering their members a solar option, Today's Power is currently under construction on First Electric's 1 Megawatt Array in Benton, AR.