A Sustainable Return On Investment

It is a fact that utilizing solar saves money.  On average, our utility-scale customers have saved 70% on their annual energy bills. 

Mitigate Peak Demand Charges

With our customized solar solutions, you'll save on both your energy and capacity charges during your coincident peak seasons.  We will design and configure your project to meet your specific operational needs, challenges and goals- from reducing your peak load to load shifting, to grid issues specific to your system.  


Customized Utility-Scale & Commercial Arrays

Today's Power, Inc. customizes each of its solar system to the load characteristics and wholesale power contracts of the business or utility being served.  Therefore, no two systems are the same.  Our systems are built to utility standards and designed for long-term, low-maintenance operations.

Your Energy Partner

From permitting and financing all the way to design and installation, all services are taken care of under one roof.  We partner with utilities, commercial businesses, cities, and nonprofits to offer turn-key solar solutions customized to meet your needs. 



Leave The Work To Us

Interested in turn-key solar solution for your business or utility? Contact us today for a free feasibility study. 

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Energy Performance Contracting

Energy Performance Contracting is a financing mechanism used to pay for energy efficiency improvements all at once that are then paid back through annual energy savings. The Arkansas Energy Office provides technical assistance to state agencies and public institutions of higher learning, helping them navigate the process and ensuring that Pre-Qualified Energy Service Companies maintain the highest levels of quality.

Battery Energy Storage (BESS)


Battery storage devices provide an opportunity to enhance the value of renewable energy resources by storing renewable resource capacity until it is needed. This capacity to strengthen the significance of renewable resources offers an opportunity to increase the growth of renewable generation.

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