According to Michael Henderson, president of TPI, the solar project Ten K Solar REFLECT 26 photovoltaic system.  "Our solar offering provides maximum energy density and requires approximately 40 percent less space than traditional systems," he said.  TCEC'S Community solar facility is projected to generate 50,473,300 kWhs over its 25-year useful life.  TPI's structure effectively provides a 30 percent discount below the installed cost. 


Henderson, who also serves as executive vice president and chief financial officer at Arkansas Electric Cooperative Corporation, a Little Rock-based generation and transmission cooperative, said " TPI's solar program is a great tool that allows distribution cooperatives and the G&T's to work together to provide renewable energy solutions to rural consumers.  This program allows rural consumers to lock in energy prices for the next 25 years.  This will be beneficial in the event that we are mandated to remove low-cost fossil fuel resources off the grid and replace them with higher cost resources off the grid and replace them with higher cost resources.  TCEC is leading the industry by offering community solar to its members.