Our Story

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Today’s Power, Inc. Ideas Are Meeting Tomorrow’s Renewable Energy Needs

The most unique aspect of TPI is its mission and ownership structure. The mission is to improve the quality of life by reducing the cost of electricity, yet it is owned by electric cooperatives whose business is to sell electricity. This “conflict” provides a broader vision in how to best serve members than a smaller, commodity focused business. TPI’s unique approach to in-depth analysis of utility rates and billing allows it to design renewable energy systems and manage that energy to maximize the benefits of solar and storage for not-for-profit as well as for-profit entities. TPI has access to a multitude of electrical products through its sister companies. TPI can develop clean, renewable energy as well as provide state of the art energy efficiency products such as the Grid Energy Routers which can reduce power consumption by 10-18%. TPI’s diversified, renewable and efficient solutions allows TPI to combine the appropriate solar system (fixed or tracking technology, customized storage systems (specific charge/discharge capabilities), grid energy routers, custom transformers (we are one of the largest manufacturers in the country), Electric vehicle leasing/financing and EV charging stations.

What We Do

Today’s Power, Inc. strives to improve the quality of life of the communities it serves by providing leading technologies and services in sustainable and fiscally responsible manner.

By using the highest quality materials, building to utility grade standards, and knowledge of how utility rate structures work, we can customize systems to extract maximum value for our customers. This knowledge has been key in setting TPI apart from other solar companies.

Power & Energy Storage

  • Customized PV Arrays

  • Batteries

  • Charge Controllers

  • Environmentally Conditioned Cabinets

  • Monitoring Software



  • Electric Vehicles (EV)

  • Electric Vehicle Charging Stations (EVCS)

  • Site Analysis & Feasibility Studies

  • System Engineering and Design

  • Installation & Commissioning

  • Remote Monitoring

  • Operations & Maintenance

  • Public Relations & Programming


Our History

Owned by Electric Cooperatives, Today’s Power, Inc. (TPI) was created to serve our members who had a desire to offer community solar to their members. TPI can provide solar facilities to electric cooperatives that could otherwise not utilize federal tax incentives.

TPI was created in November 2014 by Arkansas Electric Cooperatives, Inc. (AECI) to serve Arkansas’ electric cooperatives but our fellow cooperatives in neighboring states quickly learned of our program and wanted a “known business partner” to provide their solar system.

Today's Power is now an integral part of helping the electric cooperative and public power sector serve their members who are interested in solar and emerging technologies as well as residential and commercial customers of all sizes. As an integral part of the electric cooperatives, TPI has access to a wide range of expertise and resources.

TPI offers utility-scale and commercial solar and energy storage solutions as well as electric vehicles and charging solutions.


Culture; Not what we do, but how we do it

Service Oriented

We focus on providing satisfaction and making ourselves available to others


We possess the qualities of being honest and having strong moral principles


We foster valuable relationships with our clients, employees, and stakeholders

Creative Freedom

We have the ability to make decisions and learn from mistakes and successes


Our team is formed of individuals with similar interests and diverse skill sets that come together to realize and accomplish common goals


We value the humble acts of courteously respecting others and their opinions


We require ourselves to justify all of our actions and decisions


We recognize and control hazards