In 2015, Today's Power, Inc. (TPI) unveiled a 300-kilowatt solar array on the campus of the Electric Cooperatives of Arkansas located in Little Rock.  The renewable energy resources is a Ten K Solar REFLECT solar wave system that is designed to optimize space while delivering maximum energy production.  This system is perfect for ground mount or rooftop applications.  

When it comes to getting the most energy from each installed watt, the REFLECT system can't be beat.  Taking advantage of the Ten K Solar's module cell-independence, static reflectors are installed on the backside of each wave of the array, increasing the light received and overall production.  This makes the REFLECT the most productive of any solar power system available on the market, and an ideal choice for projects focused on peak energy production. 


Following is a partial list of components for the TPI 300-kilowatt REFLECT system located on one acre of land within ECA's campus:

  • 988, RAIS XT 410 Polycrystalline PV Modules

  • 988, RTF-D Reflector Panels

  • 38, RAIS Inverter Bus, 480 Volt, 7.8kW

  • 13 AC Disconnect Kits

  • 6,210 Linear Feet of Delta Rail

  • 15, 900 Feet of #2AL, XLP Secondary Wire